OLED and LCD Glare Management

Flat Panel Glare Management – Ergonomic Display Systems

SmarterGlass is an innovative company that provides flat panel display enhancements (FPD). Our enhancements are applicable to a broad range of FPD technologies including LCD and OLED.

Our goal is to improve the looks and durability of your LCD or FPD in all the environments it will operate. Our enhancements dramatically reduce front surface and internal reflections while making the display brighter and increasing viewability in all conditions.

Antiglare – Antireflection – Contrast Enhancement

Solutions that Smarter Glass provides are:

  • Optical Lamination of Flexible Substrates
  • Optical Bonding of Rigid Substrates
  • Passive Backlight Enhancements
  • Active Backlight Enhancements
  • Contact Assembly and Kitting
  • Touch Panel Attachment
  • Test, Measurement, and Display Screening
  • Humidity protection
  • Polarizer Replacement
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Surface treatments
  • Specialty Thin Film Coating Design
  • Repair and Refurbishing of LCD Displays

All Value Added work at Smarter Glass is performed and ESD safe workstations and optical path work is always performed in either a Class 1000 Clean Room or Class 100 clean benches.