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Welcome to SmarterGlass, supplier of LCD panels and touch solutions.

We provide LCD panels, including EOL panels, touch solutions, touch integration for legacy products. Value-added distribution services enhance our extensive catalog of brands and panels to suit your exact needs. We are only a phone call away, ready to speak to you about your sourcing needs.

Our customers include OEMs and end users in the industrial, medical, military, avionics, and consumer electronics markets.

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Available LCD: HSD070PWW1-B01

This hard to find panel is widely used for tablet devices. Its built in powerful white backlight and wide aspect ratio make for a comfortable quality viewing experience. Although still currently in production, it ...

Types of LCD Providers

Read all about the different types of panel providers in the industry! Each has different benefits over the others, with its own capabilities and limitations. The four types are: Authorized distributors, stocking distributors, ...

All About Viewing Angle Enhancements

Viewing angle enhancements can be added onto your panel to provide a more comfortable viewing cone, the area in which the monitor can be seen. All twisted nematic (TN) displays can be upgraded to a super wide view panel and still ...

Available LCDs: LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02

The LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02 are 4.7" panels made and manufactured by SHARP. Their size coupled with their portrait type design makes them especially useful in applications requiring portability such as mobile computing...

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SmarterGlass is a global distributor of LCD panels with operations in Boston and China.
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LCD panels for the industrial, medical, military, avionics, and consumer electronics markets, including EOL panels.
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