KOE Displays

SmarterGlass is pleased to offer KOE displays to its customers. KOE is a proven manufacturer of industrial-grade LCD Panels. Contact one of our qualified sales representatives for more information.

Are your looking for KOE touch panels? Check out our KOE touch panels.

KOE Displays 6.5″ – 15.0″

6.5TX17D200VM0BAA800×480700Email for spec
7.0TX18D200VM0EAA1920×1080700Email for spec
8.0TX20D200VM2BAA800×4801500Email for spec
9.0TX23D86VM0BAA1280×768350Email for spec
10.2TX26D25VM2BAA800×256350Email for spec
10.4TX26D20VM2BAA800×6001500Email for spec
12.3TX31D200VM0BAA1280×4801000Email for spec
14.9TX38D25VM0CAA1280×242450Email for spec
15.0TX38D18VM2BAA1024×7681200Email for spec

Electronic Components

In addition to LCD and OLED panels, SmarterGlass can supply electronic components and other electronic parts.

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