DLC Touch Displays

DLC is a high-quality display manufacturer that we have worked with for years. DLC touch displays the gamut of LCD with touch needs. Contact us so we can provide the right display for your project.

Looking for a DLC display without touch? Check out our DLC Displays page.

High-end Industrial DLC Touch Displays 3.5″ – 15.0″

1.54DLC0154AZS-T240×240430Data Sheet
3.5DLC0350CZG-T-2320×240250Data Sheet
4.3DLC0430E2ZG-T-11480×272230Data Sheet
5.0DLC0500EZG-T-6800×480260Email for spec
5.0DLC0500IZG-T-5480×272340Data Sheet
5.5DLC0550AZOM-T-31080×1920300Email for spec
5.7DLC0570BDG-T-2640×480450Data Sheet
6.5DLC0650AIG-T-1800×480360Data Sheet
6.86DLC0686AML-T-2480×1280390Email for spec
6.95DLC0695DIG-T-5800×1280300Data Sheet
7.0DLC0700AZG-T-11024×600320Data Sheet
7.0DLC0700E2ZG-T-4800×480250Data Sheet
7.0DLC0700MIG-T-5800×480250Data Sheet
7.0DLC0700O2ZG-T-1800×480430Data Sheet
7.0DLC0700XZG-T-121024×600210Data Sheet
10.1DLC1010CIG-T-101280×800230Data Sheet
10.1DLC1010LZG-T-11024×600320Data Sheet
10.4DLC1040ABG-T-2800×600350Data Sheet
12.1DLC1210BBG-T-1800×600340Data Sheet
15.0DLC1500ABG-T1024×600250Data Sheet
15.6DLC1560AIG-T-21366×768190Data Sheet

Electronic Components

In addition to LCD and OLED panels, SmarterGlass can supply electronic components and other electronic parts.

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