Endurance Bond (TM)

Endurance Bond (TM) optically bonded displays offer optical characteristics and mechanical robustness superior to any other solution.

Optically Bonded “Cover Glass” can be any number of materials such as glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, touch screens, or other optically clear overlay material placed in front of the LCD. Integrated ITO Heaters and EMI/RFI shielding can be included in the bonding process if needed, providing a product that is compliant with the most extreme of requirements.

A closeup of an Endurance Bond optical bonded LCD module, the work area used for optical bonding, and an optically bonded LCD.

Benefits of Endurance Bond (TM) Optical Bonding include:

Protection of the display – Displays typically have a polarizer that is a soft plastic material as the front surface. This front surface is easily scratched, even from routine cleaning. With optical bonding, a protective “cover glass” is placed on the display. The optically bonded display can be further built into a system that is weatherproof, in fact, we have had products that were bonded for use by divers underwater.

Safety – An optically bonded display can help contain materials in the event of breakage (an impact directly to the display or crash in a vehicle). This is well suited for transportation applications and is also used in zero gravity spacecraft. A display that is easily read is also a benefit where the driver/operator needs to look away momentarily to read a display before focusing back on driving or the task at hand.

Dust and Moisture – By eliminating the gap between the LCD and the cover glass this area can no longer be a place where dust and moisture collect.

Vibration and Mechanical Shock – It has been demonstrated that an optically bonded display is superior at resisting the effects of vibration and mechanical shock.

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